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December 8, 2016

Cliff Jumping Deaths In 2016

There are far to many cliff jumping deaths yearly. Education about water safety is the best way to prevent loss of life. Learn from the situations of the past to protect your future. 

  • In 2015 there were 29 Cliff Jumping Deaths.
  • In 2016 there were 18 deaths and the sport of Cliff Jumping has grew tremendously. Accessible safety information is crucial to keeping these numbers down. Education is the number one preventer of swimming deaths. Please be safe and watch out for one another and wear safety devices like Kingii or a lifejacket. If you are looking for ways to stay safe while jumping PLEASE EDUCATE YOURSELF WITH THIS safety guide we put together..Cliff Jumping Safety

Feb. 9, 2016 – William H. Holman – 36 – Kualanui Point in Hawaii

William had been with friends at Kualanui Point in Hawaii, or “End Of The World” as the tourist have come to call the location. Holman was from Auburn, Washington. William Holman reportedly resurfaced after making a 20 to 25 foot plunge, he attempted climbing the out along the ocean walls but the surf overpowered him. The man’s girlfriend had left to call 911 while he attempted to escape but when she returned he was missing. The man’s body was recovered some 4 hours later, 30 yards from the shore of this popular cliff jumping location.

March 8, 2016 – Matthias Bache – 25 – Wyadup Rocks

Matthias Bache from Dunsborough was swept away while cliff diving at Wyadup Rocks in Yallingup in dangerous conditions. The search for Matthias’s body was called off after several days of search efforts. Ms. Bache said her son “Matty” loved the ocean, and she provided this poem he wrote as a young boy- “The beach is where I like to be the most; I’m sure I’ll spend the rest of my life living by the coast.”

March  21, – 2016 –  Wajhat Yaqoob – 21 – West Milford

Wajhat Yaqoob from Jersey City went missing March 10 while swimming in an area of Long Pond Ironworks State Park in West Milford. He was swimming with 5 friends who say Wajhat dove into the water headfirst and never resurfaced. It took over a month to recover Wajhat Yaqoob’s body.

March 21, 2016 – Cole Marsh – 16 – Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge

Cole Marsh leapt from a cliff adjacent to the Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge. Cole resurfaced and attempted to make his way out of the pool of water. The waters here are insanely dangerous and rough when the waters are high. Marsh clung to the rocks surrounding the pool for over half an hour. He ultimately fell into the pool, the rescue crews were on site but still out of reach. Cole Marsh was swept into the current and search was suspended until water levels dropped. Cole was about to graduate from Terry Fox Secondary in Port Coquitlam, B.C. Please help support Cole Marsh’s Celebration of Life through the family’s GoFundMe page.

GoFundMe for Cole Marsh’s Celebration of Life

April 10, 2016 – Currumbin Valley Rock Pools

A man was pulled unconscious from the Currumbin Valley Rock Pools after leaping into the water from a cliff’s edge and striking his head. Emergency services were called to the popular swimming spot. The man, said to be aged in his early 40s and from Hope Island, failed to resurface. He reportedly jumped off a 15 metre high ledge and struck his head on the bottom of the rock pool. After a frantic search, he was found unconscious in the water and retrieved. Upon medical efforts he was pronounced dead.

May 11, 2016 – Austin Worbington – 20 – The Pot Holes

Austin Worbington was at the “Pot Holes” in Glade Park when he was swept under by a strong current on the Little Delores River. Worbington was a Kinesiology student and freshman football player at Colorado Mesa University. A helicopter was used to take Austin to the nearest medical facility, though it was too late. The Potholes are a local hangout and popular area for cliff jumping. Authorities say in a typical year there are at least two incidents and one death.

May 21, 2016 – Gary Ray Roberson – 28 – Aztec Falls

Roberson had hiked from Splinter’s Cabin to Aztec Falls on Saturday May, 21st. Gary Roberson was taking part in a gathering or “Event”. A Facebook page was created for the event called “The Swimmining At Aztec Falls” which has been deleted. The event coordinators publicly posted to the event page for Cliff Jumpers to come baring alcohol and marijuana for the party. Quoting the Event Page, “You know the drill, bring beers(cans only), marijuana, swim trunk/bikini’s…” These types of irresponsible events lead to deaths. 

Gary Ray Roberson died from injuries he received when he struck a rock as he hit the water. Sources say Roberson leapt from a 55-foot cliff. No one else had been jumping from it because it was too large of a gap between the take off and water. There were no drugs or alcohol in Gary Ray Robersons blood. BE AWARE- These types of events being fueled by drugs and alcohol create an unsafe environment for everyone there and give cliff jumping a deadly reputation.

July 3, 2016 – Haley Clarke – 19 – Cascade Falls

Clark was killed when she leapt into the extremely dangerous Cascade Falls waters near Ouray. She and two friends had leapt into the rough waters below the falls when Haley was swept under by the strong current. Her two friends clung to the cliff sides and rescue workers eventually retrieved them, Haley Clarke was not as lucky.

July 10, 2016 – Jaquan Alexander Rodriguez – 17 – Old Hickory Lake

Rodriguez was with three friends when he dove into a section of the Cumberland River at Old Hickory Lake in Wilson County. He had jumped from a 40 to 50 foot cliff and did not resurface after striking the water. He was a student at Hunters Lane High School.

July 16, 2016 – Jeremy Stevens –  41 – Lake Ore-Be-Gone

Jeremy Stevens was celebrating his 41st birthday with friends at Lake Ore-Be-Gone. Stevens leapt from a bluff on the lakeside and never resurfaced. No more information has been provided.

June 17, 2016 – Anya Ng – 15 – Lake Mary –  

Anya Ng was at the Lake Mary near Brighton with a group of friends. Reports say Anya leapt from a high cliff and hit rocks on the way to the water. Anya Ng was limp upon impact and sunk. Some of her friends tried to jump in and help her but were unsuccessful retrieving her body.

July 17, 2016 – Andrew J. Grennan – 20 – BANGOR “Seven Hills Quarry”

Andrew Gennan was at a closed quarry with seven of his friends. Grenna leapt from a small cliff into the deep waters and resurfaced appearing to struggle. Andrew disappeared under the water and was unable to be reached in time by his friends. Authorities found the boy’s body hours later at the bottom of the quarry.

July 19, 2016 – David Pinthiere – 19 – Slatersville Reservoir

David Pinthiere and his cousins were jumping off an old railroad trestle abutment into the Slatersville Reservoir in North Smithfield. David leapt and never resurfaced. His cousins called 911 but emergency services were unable to recover the man for an hour.

July 20, 2016 – Elk River Falls – 39 – Jacques Downing

Jacques Downing of Newland leapt from Elk River Falls and was not able to resurface. Search and rescue was called off until the following day after not recovering the body that Saturday in July. Out-of-area dive teams found Downing’s body 31 feet below the surface the next evening.

July 30, 2016 – 19 – Michael Hughes Stokes Park

Michael Huges of New Braunfels was cliff jumping when he hit his head on a rock while doing a backflip. He did not resurface after he stuck the water. Rescue services were on scene in three minutes. Rescue workers and stander bys searched the water quickly for the man. He was pulled out after several minutes and flown to a nearby hospital and pronounced dead.

August 3, 2016 – Oscar Peraza – 23 – Garden of Eden

Peraza had jumped about 40 feet down from rocks at the popular swimming hole at Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park. Oscar did not make the water.

September 12, 2016 – Hassanai Channa – 25 – Chiang Mai’s Grand Canyon

Hassanai had visited the park for a day of fun with friends. He leapt from a 25 foot cliff and another jumper leapt right behind him. The second jumper landed on Hassanai breaking his neck and back. Hassanai was pronounced dead from drowning. Chiang Mai’s grand canyon cliff jumping service is in the Hang Dong district.

October 15, 2016 – Janisish Kumar Patel – 30 – and Bhavesh Patel -30 –

Janisish and Behaves Patel were found under Fossil Creek Falls the days after they went missing. The men are believed to have drowned. Authorities had been searching the night before after receiving a call about a possible drowning involving two people but had to postpone the search because it became too dark to see. The two men had been swimming near a waterfall before disappearing. The family called emergency services quickly after the two disappeared under the water.