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Aaron Kinnes’ Cliff Jumping Biography

“I remember the adrenaline of jumping and just flying through the air for that second and I was instantly hooked.” -Aaron Kinnes’

Name: Aaron Kinnes’
Age: 24
Occupation: Soccer Player
Hails From:  North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii
Currently Resides:  Portland, Oregon

We had the opportunity to ask Aaron some question about his Cliff Jumping history – here is what he had to say:

When did you start Cliff Jumping?

I have grown up in the water. It is just a part of my family, and I have been surfing and cliff jumping since I can remember. Only in the past 2 years has it been something that I have pursued and worked on to a greater degree.      

What was your first time like?

My first time I remember was at Waimea Bay, Oahu. The water was crystal clear, so you can see the sand with no problem. I remember the adrenaline of jumping and just flying through the air for that second, and instantly I was hooked. From there I had to keep pushing my limits, whether that be going higher or adding in more flips, I wasn’t intimidated to try new feats.

How does it feel when you walk into a new spot?

Every new spot I go to is like Christmas all over. Everywhere I go, I am looking for potential spots and challenges. There is no better feeling than getting to test myself with new jumps and tricks at locations I am visiting for the first time. 

How does it feel when you step up to a ledge to jump?

Every time the butterflies come out. Some people don’t like that feeling, but I love it! It means my adrenaline is about to start pumping. And i am an adrenaline junkie!

What’s your favorite type of jump spot?

My favorite jump spots are natural cliffs/rocks into rivers and lakes. But I will go anywhere!

What’s your personal favorite trick to do?

Well, I still have a lot to learn, and I am continuing to practice new tricks and push myself… but right now, it is probably a double backflip.

Where is your all time favorite visited location ?

That is hard. In Oregon, it is Three Pools-  such a beautiful natural spot with tons of cliffs and areas to jump from. In Hawaii, I would have to go with Waimea Bay or Spitting Caves.

Have you ever had a serious injury while Cliff Jumping?

I haven’t had a serious injury. I make sure to check every place I go for water depth and make sure there is nothing I can hit. I’ve knocked the wind out of myself multiple times and have been in some super sketchy situations, but thank the Lord nothing has happened!

What did you learn from this experience?

I have learned that when you are jumping you have to commit: there is no second guessing or holding back. Injuries happen when you second guess yourself.

Are you willing to contribute in our ongoing efforts to educate the public about keeping the jumping environments safe and clean?

Yes of course. Every time I am out, and I see someone unsure of what they are doing, I try to encourage them and keep them as safe as I can.

Do you have any comments, or anything you’d like to say?

I love cliff jumping. It is freeing, and there is nothing better than being outside in God’s creation. It is a chance to test yourself and try new things. Also, the community of friends and people you meet are awesome!

How can the public reach you?

Instagram: akinnes7
Facebook: Aaron Kinnes
Snapchat: akinnes