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September 1, 2016

Big Rusty | Delaware River

The Rusty One

Big Rusty stands soundly over the Delaware River between Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Living up to it’s name, the colossal railroad trestle peeks out at sixty-five feet and is as rusty as they come. This location has been a swimming and jumping destination for decades. Sadly, the pollution at this location is horrible.

The Big Swings Crew took a trip out here for the first time in late July 2016-

the peak of swimming season. We were met with trash as soon as we parked, and then again, as we approached the trestle. Broken glass and trash littered the tracks. This was basically the case throughout the entire area.

Before we swam we took the time to clean up the trail and the beach. Fireworks, beer cans, clothes, laundry bins, styrofoam coolers, and lots of other disgusting unmentionables were left behind to kill the environment and another swimming spot. Due to the intensity of the pollution, the authorities have practically made it impossible to park and access this location.

This area of the Delaware River is gorgeous

and is being destroyed by people visiting the local river beaches and polluting. This is detrimental to the environment, effecting the life in the river and the water quality in general. Let’s be part of the solution, not part of the problem. Check out the Big Swings Adopt-A-Spot Program and be sure to sign yourself up to take care of your most local swimming hole!

With the Big Rusty parking situation, broken bottles, heavy boat-traffic, and unpredictable water, Big Swings Crew says this spot isn’t worth it. Check out some other locations in the Big Swings App and find something safer. #KeepItClean so swimming holes stay open.

Parking: Limited

Height: 32’-65’

Kind: Fresh/ River/ Bridge

Trail: Easy

Depth: 14’ depending on water levels

Rating: 2.5


Thanks to our friends at Kingii, Serac, GraniteRocx, and Shutta App