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Behind the Swings

Big Swings App provides a simple way to find the best cliff jumping spots in the world. We created this app to inspire healthy adventure and exploring through the physical sports of Cliff Jumping and Swimming.

 A note from our Creator and Founder

Growing up in Pennsylvania, we lived to canoe, swim, and fish. My dad would bring my brother and I down to the Brandywine River in Chadds Ford almost every weekend. Cliff Jumping has been a weekly routine since I have been a child.

When we weren’t seeking new holes, we were in our backyard catching fish with our hands, and swimming in the pond our father had dug and stocked. Our father was a beast.

Growing older, my brother and I would travel further and further. With no technology, we would rely on word of mouth, writing directions down to guide us to our next destination. 

As early as highschool, I was spreading the good word of Cliff Jumping in written form. Even writing an article for my school newspaper that foreshadowed what is now my life’s work, “Spots For Summer Swim Sessions”.(see photo below)

Now, my team and I are spreading the word globally with Big Swings. We have met the most unique individuals on our journeys. Different we may be, but we all share a common interest- Cliff Jumping. The people have been the best part of this experience for me. 

Honestly, this wouldn’t be possible without the excruciating labor of a few amazing people and the motivation from my father to follow my heart. They have made my childhood dreams a reality, and I am forever in debt to them.

Without the Big Swings team this dream would never have come to fruition. 

Thank you,

Marc Kelly

Founder and Adventurer

Let Nothing Stop You


Kingii is the future of safety in Cliff Jumping. The Kingii Wearable is a necessity for all water adventures. Sleek and safe.

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The GraniteRocx Cooler Backpack transforms to accommodate to your gear, no matter what size. Big Swings tested and approved.

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Ix'Chel Dream

An eco-friendly apparel company based in Guatemala, creating fare wages for local artisans. The Ix’Chel Dream is more than just a boot.

Build Your Own Boot