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August 11, 2016

Bingham Falls Swimming| Stowe Vermont

Stowe Vermont, Bingham Falls; Second Destination on the Northeastern #KeepItClean Adventure

After an incredible morning at Alstead Mica Mine in New Hampshire, we hopped in the 4Runner and started searching out our next swimming adventure. Testing the reliability of the Big Swings App was a priority; so, we decided not to pick our locations prior to our departure from Philadelphia. Our goal was to fit as much cliff jumping and cleaning into three days as possible, letting the Big Swings App lead the way.

All we heard as we pulled away were tires slowly crunching gravel. Birch and Maple trees passed until the bumpy road turned to pavement. Knowing we wanted to proceed north, we searched towards Vermont on the map. Coming upon the Bingham Falls waterfall icon, we looked through the photos and read the review. The waterfall looked like it was worth the travel; so, we hit “Directions” and were on our way. The single lane road became a highway and we again started climbing the Adirondacks.

Bingham Falls Beauty Revealed

Three hours later, we arrived at the base of Stowe. It was two PM. We could see her summit from thirty minutes out as it was taller than any other peak in sight. Parking, we vacated the car and stretched. We had been on the move since three AM; we had already traveled through seven states and jumped New Hampshire.

The well maintained path was wide and moderately steep until we reached just above the falls. To reach the base of the falls, we had to walk down a stairway of stone; large gaps between the steps made for a dangerous path. Meeting the bottom of the rock stairwell, we were greeted by Bingham Falls.

After a long journey from Pennsylvania we stood in front of a beautiful waterfall deep in a green, mountain valley in Vermont. The plunge pool was surrounded by unique cliffs and boulders; the water had carved smooth surfaces over the faces through decades of erosion. Visitors lept from the small and large ancient rocks and grey stone walls into the frigid waters. A Saint Bernard stood like a pillar in the rapids below the pool, enjoying the cold temperature under his fur. Many people from many places were enjoying the waters. Swimming holes are an amazing melting pot of adventurers all searching for new, healthy experiences in nature.

Enjoying the Natural Beauty

Setting down our gear, we all jumped in. The long day had become humid, so the cold waters were exactly what we needed to rejuvenate. After a quick safety check throughout the water, and we were ready for more action. Jordan Solorio headed to the top jump, which was thirty-one feet. He stepped to the ledge and threw a double front flip astonishing the onlookers. As his feet left the stone, even the waterfall fell silent. After two rotations, his body broke the surface and disappeared into the bubbles of the churning pool. As he breached the water, the still dumbfounded crowd erupted into a cheer.

The twenty-five-foot falls poured from the forest above into the pool, and then flowed downstream weaving its way through the gorge of boulders below. Guests to the mountain jumped from boulder to boulder exploring the cracks and crevasses of the rocks like they were the first people setting foot there. The location is unlittered and very natural, there is a maintained path at the entrance and some rope above the falls, but other than that, Bingham Falls lies in its natural environment. It is beautiful.

For some more information check out the Stowe Land Trust Website where you can find more details on this beautiful location.

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