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Chelsey Kuhn Sponsored Cliff Jumper

So I recently had a chance to talk with Chelsey Kuhn, Big Swings sponsored Athlete. She’s an upcoming- young and fearless traveler, adventure, and cliff jumper.

Tell us what you have been up to Chelsey?

I have been trying to travel and explore new places as much as possible! The midwest does not have a whole lot of cliffs; however, I have been determined to find a quarry or bridge that is safe to jump near me!

How did you get involved with Big Swings?

Big Swings actually messaged me asking if they could feature me on their Instagram after I posted some videos cliff jumping back when I first started getting into it in 2015. I then discovered the Big Swings App and it became my favorite! I was able to discover so many new places that I would have never known about otherwise!

Through the help of Big Swings, I was able to meet up with Aaron Kinnes out in Oregon. Aaron was an awesome dude who showed me this secret jumping spot! It was awesome to meet up and send it with another amazing diver!

What type of camera do you use?

I use my GoPro Hero 5.

What’s your favorite swimming hole on the Big Swings App?

I absolutely love Greeter Falls out in Tennessee!

How was the Dominican Republic with Adventur_esque?

In April, Chelsey joined Big Swings on our annual Dominican Republic trip with Adventur_esque Extreme Vacations.  

It was insanely epic! I seriously had the time of my life. I met the most amazing people who all inspired me to try new tricks!

Tells us about your dream cliff jumping location?

I absolutely love jumping anywhere there is a waterfall and mountains because it’s beautiful. Throw in some deep water and an easy get out spot, and that’s my prime location.

What’s your favorite Dives?

A simple laid out back flip. I love looking at the sky as I’m flying through the air.

Personal Achievements?

I just recently did my first full-in back-out!

What’s on your Huckit List?

Standing Gainer is number one on my personal goals. I am absolutely terrified of throwing my body forwards and flipping backwards!

What does your family or significant other think about your need to “send it”?

My dad is all for it! I dragged him along with me to the Dominican Republic and he sent it off of a 40 foot cliff right after me! My mom on the other hand thinks I’m crazy, but she definitely supports me 100%.

What kind of safety precautions do you take when you’re diving off of waterfalls and coastal cliffs?

I always make sure to swim it out to check the depth and see if there’s anything submerged under the water. I always have someone close to the landing spot or a spotter in the water. Big Swings gave me a Kingii and my spotter always has it on.

Any Big plans for 2017?

I’ll be flying out to the West Coast and taking a one month RV trip with Big Swings! So stoked to take a month to travel and see all the amazing locations the West has to offer.

Any new tricks planned for 2017?

Possibly a triple backflip? Full-in Full-out?

Background info:

I started gymnastics when I was just 4 years old and switched over to competitive cheerleading at age 11. I competed at the Cheerleading Worlds 7 years in a row. When I was 16 I decided to take on power tumbling. I competed at the advanced level, and at age 18 I placed 4th at the USA Team Trials! I was then scouted for the Acrobatic and Tumbling at Azusa Pacific University in California. Due to multiple injuries, I only competed on the team for 1 year.

I started getting into cliff jumping at age 22. I went with my friends to Lake Havasu for my birthday. There, I saw people jumping off of cliffs at Copper Canyon. I decided to climb up to the highest cliff there and backflip off. Even though I totally overrated and flopped pretty hard, I was hooked to that adrenaline rush that cliff jumping brought. For the next year that lived in California, I used my Big Swings App daily to find places to jump!

Find out more about Chelsey on her Instagram @

Snapchat: chelseykuhn

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