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September 21, 2016

Copper Mine Secret Swimming| Vermont

Copper Mine – South Vermont, Mid-August

We entered a barely paved road, cliffs of silver and red appeared as we passed into the thick, wooded mountainside towards the Copper Mine. The existing pavement quickly disappeared and turned into grass, red mud, and dirt as we climbed deeper. We found ourselves on a dual tread path moving through a thick forest of pines.

We listened to the Navigation in the Big Swings App and drove towards our destination. The voice led us down a now tiny path while branches scraped along the side of our Toyota 4Runner. Suddenly, the thick Vermont forest opened up to the famous Copper Mine. The two ruts led directly to the edge of a long, narrow swimming hole with cliffs running the entire length. We parked the trucks on the edge of the Mine and the group leapt from the cars with excitement. Everyone was ready.

The water was blue-green and warm, surrounded by copper red cliffs.

The swimming area was around 200 yards long and 15 yards wide. With such a high content of copper in the water there was no algae, making the rocks non slippery. The group explored the location and decided the safest place to jump was about mid-way down the narrow gully. We checked the water for depths and debris and took our turns leaping from the 30 to 40-foot ledges surrounding this beautiful water.

Our squad had an excellent day enjoying the scenery of Vermont and beautiful waters of the Copper Mine. We managed to haul out two bags of trash and meet some really great people. Riley and Will from New Hampshire and Jackson Fuller from Burlington, VT all helped in the cleaning and sending efforts. This community is full of amazing people full of passion, that may be the best part about traveling to all these destinations, the people.

This stop was part of the Man Trip 2016, lead by Patrick Giannaccini and his friends Nick Evans and Ronnie Clark. All the locations were hand selected right out of the Big Swings App.  

Parking: Very Little without a 4X4

Legality: Illegal

Trails: Easy

Depths: 12 to 30 feet

Heights: 5 to 85 feet

Difficulty: 2

Special thanks to Serac Hammocks, Shutta App, GraniteRocx Outdoor Apparel, and Kingii Safety Devices.