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October 6, 2016

Diers Quarry | PA.

Diers Quarry is a closed Quarry inside of French Creek State Park. This majestic plot of water and rock hides deep in the middle of a dense forest in Pennsylvania.

The quarry itself is a spectacle; a 20-acre sparkling, blue-green field of water partially surrounded by cliffs standing hundreds of feet. On clear days, the sun reaches the water from sunrise to sunset. Sunny nests and other fish-life are magically revealed throughout the stone shelves. The water is accessible on the north side of the quarry. A 100-foot gravel peninsula extends out over the depths allowing a water-level view of the entire quarry. Hiking through thick woods, brier patches, and old quarry fields isn’t the easiest, but it’s been worth it every time. For directions just type Diers Quarry Parking in the Big Swings App.

On this particular adventure, Big Swings and The Saturday Adventure crews met up and threw down at Diers. 

We spent the day hucking ourselves from cliff sides and through trees. We celebrated a birthday, a wedding, and life in general. Memories were made and friendships bonded. There is nothing like exploring with new and old friends. Thanks to the forum on, we were able to meet so many amazing new friends this summer! If you haven’t got a username yet, do so.

Check out the footage from Dier’s Quarry right here..


Parking: Small location on Shed Rd., search “Diers Quarry Parking” in the Big Swings App.

Hike Terrain: Moderate

Hike: Path almost nonexistent. You have to be good with navigation to get in here.

Water Type: Fresh

Legality: This location is illegal and you will receive a ticket if you are on the Quarry property.

Heights: 4’ to 103’. The 103’ has an enormous gap and is entirely too sketchy. We have seen it done, and the people that didn’t clear the gap, died.”

Overall Rating: 6

Thanks to the great people and amazing products at Kingii Safety Devices, Serac Hammocks, GraniteRocx Outdoor Apparel, and The Shutta App.