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December 18, 2016

The Furlongs | New York State

In 2016, Big Swings Crew had the opportunity to visit The Furlongs in New York State. This gem hides under a bridge, lost in a one-road town in the Catskill Mountains. The Furlongs was the first stop on a week long adventure through North East America using the Big Swings App.

Arriving in the later portion of the day, the sun had already dropped below the horizon. We parked our cars excited to meet the guys we were about to spend the week with. Maryland cliff jumpers Partick Gianniccini, Ronnie Clark, and Nick Evans had arrived at the location some hours prior and had already set up homebase. After some contact with Patrick on Instagram, he had invited us along on this epic adventure aptly named Man Trip 2016.

The group made each other’s acquaintances, and we sent some cliffs before there was no daylight remaining. As we dried off and changed into warm clothes, the night set in quickly around us. The crew made “Standing Burritos” for dinner: ground beef, taco seasoning, and some veggies tossed into small bags of crushed up Doritos. We had some laughs and made our way to bed setting up our hammocks in the trees above the cliff-sides.

The Furlongs at night. An extended exposure shot of the cascade and cliff sides slightly lit up with small lighting rigs. The different layers of rock reveal how long this waterfall has been creating itself.

The Furlongs

Upon waking up, we were met by a brilliant dewy mourning.

The sun was already hitting the pool and small waterfall below the bridge illuminating our first glances of the day. The water was an absolutely clear tropical turquoise hue. The cascade from the falls was small but beautiful as it poured down the moss-covered cliffside. We spent the morning jumping from the several spots this location provided ranging from 14’ to the 55’.

We met up with Eric Arthurs and his crew. Eric is a local of Fawns Leap- a spot just a bit south but still in New York. He is an avid adventurer and loves jumping. We threw down with Eric and his squad for a few hours, cleaned the location, and packed the car back up.

Furlongs was an incredible time and a gorgeous jumping spot. We met great people, made amazing new friends, and really enjoyed this mountain valley for the time we got to spend there. After collecting 5 bags of garbage, we left this location much cleaner than we found it. Always #KeepItClean and #LeaveNoTrace.

Continuing on, we heading northeast towards Alstead Mica Mine in New Hampshire.

Trail – No trails, this location is right off the road.

Parking – We parked on the main road and walked in over the bridge.

Water – Fresh Stream

Camping – No

Height – 5’ to 55’

Depth – 14’

Fishing – Yes

Fires – No

Thanks to these amazing gear companies we are always safe and comfortable on all of our adventures: Kingii Flotation Device, Nectar Sunglasses, GraniteRocx Outdoor Apparel, and Serac Hammocks.