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August 12, 2016

Back To Back High Jump Victories for Genevieve Bradley!!

Back to Back High Jump Victories!

On August 8th, Genevieve Bradley defended her back to back win for Big Swings and the USA at the Czech Republic event, HIGHJUMP! This incredible High Diving event featured a BMX showcase, a splashdiving competition, a parkour exhibition, a Red Bull plane air-race, flyboarding, and a non stop music festival.

Genevieve has been on a winning streak in 2016! On April 2nd, she brought home a win from the Club Punta Fuego Riders Championship, a WHDF event held in the Philippines. Soon after, she traveled to Switzerland for another WHDF event at Ponte Brolla, Vallemaggia. Once again, Genevieve scored first place in the women’s open category on July 23rd. Compelled to win by this point, she took-over at the Czech Republic HIGHJUMP! event winning first place in women’s cliff diving. Genevieve Bradley continues to turn heads as she brings in big wins!

We had a chance to talk to Genevieve this week about her experiences, and she had a lot to say:

Big Swings:  Can you tell me a little about your training routine?

Genevieve:  I usually warm up with a trampoline or something else to get the blood flowing. Abs are really important for diving; so, I usually do an ab circuit or some standing back flips. I visualize my dives or practice the motions on the ground. And then I get wet and dive!

Big Swings:  Are there any dives you are secretly working on?

Genevieve:  Back triple with twists have been on my mind for several years now; I just attempted for the first time today. That’s a huge dive if I compete it well. Other then that, I would like to learn an armstand dive from 20m and maybe front triple with 1 1/2 twists.

Big Swings:  Are there any achievements you’re especially proud of?

Genevieve:  I don’t really have a favorite achievement yet because I still think I have a lot to improve on; however,  going to the Philippines this spring and doing well was a pretty proud moment for me; I had been working and training so hard. 

How does it feel to win back to back?

Genevieve:  It’s very nice to win. It makes you feel like your hard work is paying off. But it feels better to do the dives well for yourself. Winning is just an extra benefit.

Big Swings: Who do you love to compete with?

Genevieve:  I’ve enjoyed everyone I’ve competed with. The high diving world is such a small community and everyone is so friendly. It’s more like practicing with family then competing against strangers. The high diving family in Europe especially are some of my closest friends, and I only see them a few times a year; so, that’s really a testament to how awesome they are.

Big Swings: Coaches you want to thank?

Genevieve:  My high school coach Dave Fix stuck with me, just him and I, all through high school, and that’s where I really learned to love diving. My college coaches Mike Brown and Anita Rossing taught me some much needed fundamentals which carried me through college diving. Their advice continues to carry me through my high diving career. I can’t thank them enough for taking me in as a diamond in the rough and believing in my potential.

Big Swings:  Sites you recommend seeing in Switzerland?

Genevieve:  If you are traveling to Switzerland in the summer time, I highly recommend you visit Ponte Brolla in the south of the country. The rivers are so beautiful for cliff jumping as well as exploring or just viewing. A truly amazing place with truly amazing people.

Big Swings:  Bucket List?

Genevieve:  27 ✔️
                     Back triple with 2 twists✔️
                     Red Bull circuit…?

Big Swings: Anyone special that you travel with to support you in your competitions?

Genevieve:  My boyfriend Kimo comes to most of the competitions with me, and it is very helpfully to have his support. One of my best friends Justine came to watch this year, as well as last because she lives in Switzerland.

Big Swings:  Plans for the future?

Genevieve:  There are a couple wildcard spots left for Redbull;. snagging one of those would be a perfect ending to the season! Otherwise I plan to continue training and learning new dives for next season.

Big Swings:  How does it feel to represent Big Swings and the USA?

Genevieve:  I love spreading the word about the Big Swings app. Especially to divers here in Europe because the app is so universal. The more people that know about it and have it, the more places that will be posted and the more the diving community can come together.

Where to next?

With Genevieve Bradley taking a third straight WHDF win in a row and winning first place at HIGHJUMP, there’s no telling what she will triumph over next! We’ve got a world class high diver and athlete right here, and we couldn’t be more proud!

Follow this link to learn about HIGHJUMP and check out next years event. You might get a chance to see Genevieve take another win! #HighJump

To read more about the World High Dive Federation and its WHDF International Cliff Diving Championship in Ponte Brolla, Vallemaggia, Switzerland check out #WHDF.


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