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Nick Coulter’s | Cliff Jumping Biography

“The more massive the cliff – the more nerve-racking it becomes.”

Name: Nick Coulter
Age: 24
Occupation: Adventurer
Hails From: West Sacramento, CA
Currently Resides: West Sacramento, CA

We got to ask Nick some questions about his Cliff Jumping lifestyle  here is what he had to say:

When did you first start Cliff Jumping?

When I was about 16.

What was your first time like?

My first time cliff jumping was amazing: hitting a 10-foot backflip off a cliff was the starting point of it all. Transferring my trampoline backflip skills to an actual platform was very satisfying. Today, I am continuing to push the limits of how high I can jump.

How do you feel when you find a new jump spot?

Every time I come across a new location, I get excited scoping out what is possible. The more massive the cliffs‒ the more nerve racking it becomes. No matter how many times I have done similar heights before, a new location always gets my heart racing.

What do you go through as you step up to a ledge?

To me, first walking up to the ledge is the time to really focus. I know that danger is present with every jump. As my heart starts racing, I take many deep breaths to control any unwanted anxiety that may come with a new ledge or new height: sometimes, I can’t help but imagine all that could go wrong. Once I approach the ledge, I scope out the best footing possible. After I am confident the ledge is solid, I give the thumbs up and block everything out of my mind. My only focus at this point is a perfect entry into the water whether it be timing a backflip perfectly or straight jumping 100+ feet.

What’s your favorite type of location?

Quarries, and crystal-clear waterholes with waterfalls in the background.

What’s you favorite trick to huck?

70+ foot laid out, single backflip.

What’s your all time favorite spot?

Burney Falls.

Have you ever had a serious injury?


Are you willing to contribute in our ongoing efforts to educate the public about keeping the jumping environments safe and clean?


How can the people get in contact with you and see your work?

Email: or