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June 26, 2017

Painted Quarry | Virginia Swimming

Painted Quarry

Painted Quarry lies an hour West of Shenandoah National Park.

Location found using the Big Swings App.

Beautiful landscapes filled with mountain peaks, farmlands, and animal life surround the area. Lush Maple, Yellow Poplar, Ash, and Basswood hardwoods make up the expanse of hillsides and forests. Painted Quarry sits silently among the mountains, making for one of the best Virginia Swimming Holes.

The land that Painted is on holds several quarries ranging in heights from 14′ to 42′; with unique shapes and deep water, this watering hole is a favorite to locals. Youth and adults enjoy the cool waters during the hot Virginia summers. Please respect the area and do not pollute. Do not forget to bring a trash bag with you so we can #KeepItClean!

The main swimming hole’s wall is vibrantly painted with abstract elements. Bright colors intertwined with robots and 3D blocks. Other than this, there is no graffiti at the location, let’s keep it this way.

All in all, this spot is a great location for all jumpers and swimmers. Lots of different heights for jumpers,  some great hikes, and easy access to the water for people just looking to cool off.

Parking – Parking is available all over the road. Be sure to park your car safely off to the side.

Hike – Painted Quarry is just off the side of the road. The other quarries lie a bit further back into the property, and the hike is hilly.

Depths – Very deep water, but always swim out for debris! Be sure to have a spotter wearing a Kingii Safety Device.

Heights – 1′ – 42′