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June 12, 2017

Secret Pennsylvania Waterfalls

Secret Pennsylvania Waterfalls

Big Swings list of Top 3 Secret Pennsylvania Waterfalls

Secret Pennsylvania Waterfall 1

Pinchot Falls in the Delaware Water Gap

This location is hidden in the woods with no trails in. Adjacent to the falls is the Grey Tower National Historic site with some trails leading to the cascades. Pinchot is made up of a set of two waterfalls. One at a 20′ height pouring into a pool just above the much large 54′ Main waterfall. Pinchot Falls is broken into three cascades when the water is flowing nicely. A small fall on the far right, a ducktail shaped fall in the center, and a heavy cascade on the far left. This is a beautiful location and can be super dangerous depending on your route in. Find easy directions to this destination with our swimming adventure app, Big Swings. There is no swimming at this spot but it is an amazing spot to visit.

Pinchot Falls

Pinchot Falls

Parking: Parking can be tough. We normally park on a dirt road right off of Christian Hill rd. It puts us within a 5 minute hike of the falls.

Trail: No trail on the Christian Hill Rd. parking spot. Follow the Big Swings App and walk right through the woods and follow the sound of the monster waterfall.

Legality: Unknown

Other Rec in the Area:



Secret Pennsylvania Waterfall 2

Step Falls in Scranton Pennsylvania

Step falls is hidden right out of sight. Most residence of Scranton have no idea this waterfall exists. It is a man made structure built during the construction of the railroad adjacent to the beautiful falls. It is called Step Falls due to the step downs that make up the waterfall. This is not an easy hike in and the only way we know has an illegal train track crossing involved. We recommend finding a way in where you don’t have to cross the tracks. The fastest route is from the Nay Aug Gorge Parking lot. Directions for this location are in the Big Swings App, just search Step Falls and hit “directions”.

Step Falls, Scranton Pa

Step Falls, Scranton Pa

Parking: Parking in Nay Aug Gorge Parking Lot (Search Nay Aug in the app)

Trail: Follow the trail leading away from Nay Aug waterfall. Look for a small unmarked path through picket fence on your left hand side. Make your way down the steep hill, follow the stream at the bottom until Step Falls appears on your left.

Legality: Unknown


Secret Pennsylvania Waterfall 3

Adams Falls is another Delaware Water Gap Recreational Area Waterfall

Adams Falls waterfall in the Delaware Water Gap is possibly the most spectacular waterfall in Pennsylvania. The waterfall itself only stands 29′ above its insanely clean plunge pool. Gorgeous cliffs stand surrounding the falls making a majestic scene. Cliff heights 36′, 52′. ¬†Sadly, the park officials have put No Trespassing signs on the path just before adventures reach the waterfall. This is to “keep people safe” and so the the state can collect tickets without actually catching people swimming. (It is illegal to swim in this natural swimming hole.)

Note: The parks are paid for with the communities money- the paths, bathrooms, parking, and general upkeep of the parks. Though the natural location is illegal to be at. This is a shame for explores who want to see what Pennsylvania has to offer. Truly sad.

This location has and is kept clean by the visitors.

It has had problems with pollution in the past though the community of adventures in the area has spurred a cleaning movement #AdoptASpot and #KeepItClean that have been keeping this and many other areas clean in the area for the past two years.

For those of you that do adventure to this location please #KeepItClean and #LeaveNoTrace. If you do swim here know that it’s illegal and can be dangerous if you don’t know what your doing. These cliffs are no joke and the area is very dangerous. The second you don’t respect that you will get hurt. Find directions to Adams Falls parking in the Big Swings App for free!

Adams Falls Photo: Dana Slifer

Adams Falls
Photo: Dana Slifer

Parking: Solid parking for Adams on Rt. 209.

Trail: 1.5 mile hike in with four stream crossing (one bridge, three water crossings)

Legality: The trail is legal until you get to the good part.

Check out this video showing the three waterfalls in action.


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