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June 27, 2017

Seven Tubs Rockslides | PA

Seven Tubs Recreational Area

Seven Tubs Rockslides

Just outside of Scranton, Pennsylvania awaits the beautiful Seven Tubs Rockslides and Waterfalls. This quite gorge is aptly named for its majestic pools of water interlinked by slick limestone and shale waterfalls that create amazing rockslides.

There are at least 5 safe rockslides, and even more cascades and gullies. Seven Tubs is a great place to escape into nature for a few hours. Safe for kids, and fun for adults; plus it’s free, a rarity now a days.

This is a public recreational area with parking and well maintained trails. This does not mean you can leave pollution behind and someone else will clean it up. Please, bring a bag with you and #KeepItClean!

Location Found – With Big Swings App

Parking – Seven Tubs has its own parking area.

Trail – The water is just a quarter mile from the parking lot. Easy Trail.

Depths – Deep spots at the base of the slides. Possibly 4’.

Facilities – No facilities.

Kids  – Yes