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June 22, 2017

Pre and Post – Swimming Rituals For Your Skin

Swimming Rituals For Your Skin | Image credit: Pixabay)

Pre and post-swimming rituals for your skin

Swimming for long hours in water can be harmful to the skin. Even swimming in natural bodies of water can irritate the skin, so it’s essential that you find ways to combat such irritants to keep your skin healthy. So indulge in these swimming rituals for your skin.

Lubricate to avoid chaffing

If you’re new to swimming, you might notice your skin chaffing the longer you stay in the water. Chaffing can be annoying, and often painful, and is the result of the skin rubbing against clothing. Chaffing can occur anywhere on the body, especially the underarms, nipples, groin, and thighs.

To avoid skin chaffing, apply petroleum jelly to the aforementioned parts of your body, and any other hot spots where you notice chaffing. There are plenty of lubricants available over the counter so find one that you’re comfortable with. To prevent nipple chaffing, use jelly patches or put tape over the nipples to reduce the abrasions.

Drinking water before swimming

Believe it or not, drinking lots of water before swimming not only hydrates your body but also purifies your skin. It also helps replenish moisture that you’ve lost through exposure to the sun, and flushes out toxins that the skin may absorb while swimming. According to Live Strong, the skin is more likely to feel rough and dry if you’re dehydrated. Water is important to help your skin stay supple.

Moisturizing the skin

Apart from harmful elements, seawater contains salt, which makes the skin dry. Be sure to apply waterproof sunscreen with both UVA and UVB. If you can, find a sunscreen product that offers all-day skin care protection. Also, choose products that contain vitamins E, C, and A in order to keep your skin moisturized.

After swimming, you can keep your skin healthy by applying lotion that invigorates and moisturizes. Alternatively, you can create your very own after-swim skin care products at home. One of the best homemade skin care products has to be some of the ones concocted by the Ancient Egyptian pharaoh Cleopatra, which are still being used by celebrities and promoted by known magazines such as Marie Claire as they educate their readers on some age-old practices that still yield results, today.

Cleopatra is known throughout the world for her flawless skin and beauty. Being a woman of stature, she is now honored through various digital means as the last Ptolemaic Queen of Egypt on Slingo Slots as well as through a slew of high budget Hollywood movies and triple A video games. If you want to have beautiful skin like her even if you’re swimming regularly, you can create your very own milk and honey bath.

Cleopatra used to mix-

donkey milk, almond oil, and honey. It worked wonders on her skin because firstly, milk is rich in lactic acid, and some of its enzymes help in skins regeneration. Secondly, honey is a well known antiseptic that helps the skin glow. Lastly, almond oil is rich in vitamins A and E.

To make your own milk and honey bath, mix 4 cups of milk with 1 cup of honey and three teaspoons of almond oil. Pour the mixture into the bathtub and take a plunge. You can also add some rose petals into the water to make your bath look beautiful. Or maybe that’s going a little overboard? We’ll let you decide on that one.

At the end of the day you need to remember to take care of your skin before and after swimming. Dry skin can lead to several diseases that can be quite embarrassing to show in broad daylight. So always been conscious of keeping your skin as healthy as possible.