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Travis Boe Sims’ Cliff Jumping Bio

Travis Boy Sims – “It took me a couple minutes of standing there before I decided to jump. But once I did, I fell in love with the feeling of vertigo and free-falling!”

Name: Travis Boe Sims
Age: 22
Occupation: Cliff Diver/High Diver
Hails From: Denver, CO
Currently Resides: Marana, AZ

Building a relationship with Travis has been great.  Big Swings loves to represent and be represented by good people who just want to enjoy their life and chase their passions.  Travis is an upstanding person and an excellent Cliff Jumper. Be prepared to see a lot more of him.

We got a chance to talk with Travis about his adrenaline-filled Cliff Jumping lifestyle  here is what he had to say:

What was your first time like?

Very scary! I had to land a 20-foot and 40-foot Cliff Jump into a 5×5 clearance area of bubbles. It took me a couple minutes of standing there before I decided to jump. But once I did, I fell in love with the feeling of vertigo and free-falling!

How does it feel when you find a new spot?

I’m usually very anxious but also really stoked! My mind goes a million miles a minute, and I’m always thinking of the next trick I want to try or what else I can do to push the limits of the cliffs. However, I am very cautious because every spot is different in terms of safety, depth, and height.

How does it feel when you step up to a ledge?

It feels incredible! I love the feeling when I step to the edge: extreme vertigo‒ my heart pounds like crazy and I feel a little dizzy and breathless.

What’s your favorite type of location?

The safest spots are my favorite ones for sure! A safe spot ensures that I can go as crazy as I want. Safe, deep water means nothing will be in my way.  I always swim out the water before doing any type of dive or jump.

What’s your personal favorite trick?

The dive I am most comfortable with is a front flip with a 180 because I always have complete control even if I’m not sure of a height. However, the dive that is the most fun is a front double with 1 1/2 twist (540).

What is your absolute favorite spot visited?

That is a very hard question! I think it’s a tie between Nay Aug State Park in Scranton, PA and Green Mountain Reservoir in Kremmling, CO.

Have you ever been injured Cliff Jumping?

I bruised my tailbone high diving from 80 feet once‒ couldn’t flex my butt cheeks for two months!

What did you learn from your injury?

To use my eyes more, and going short on a dive is better than going long!

Are you willing to contribute in our ongoing efforts to educate the public about keeping the jumping environments safe and clean?

Of course! The only reason some cliff diving spots get shut down or close is because people swimming there don’t stay safe, or they leave a bunch of trash! Leaving the place cleaner than you found it is the only way to go!

Do you have anything you’d like to share?

I have a lot of exciting stuff coming up; sharing and getting people excited about the great outdoors is why I absolutely love what I’m doing!

How can the people get a hold of you or see your work?

Instagram: @travissims and @extremevertigo
Twitter: travissims5280