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ckuhn10ckuhn10 Posts: 3Member

Hey all! I'm always looking for people to come send it with me in the Midwest! I live just outside of Chicago. If you are in the area and looking for places to jump/someone to jump with -- contact me! You can message me on Instagram @chels_kuhnn or on facebook Chelsey Kuhn

Also, if you are from the Midwest and know of some dope spots, post them on here! I'm always looking for new spots to jump! My favorite spots in the Chicagoland area are Ayer's Landing and the Joliet quarries. There's also this cool little (LEGAL!! :smiley: ) spot called White Rock in St. Paul, Indiana that has a couple platforms to jump from, along with some rope swings, zip lines, fishing, and scuba diving!

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