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  • PORTUGAL 2019
    **Pricing based on 14 people; if more come, it will become cheaper.
    **Peak Season So We Must Reserve ASAP!

    Flights - $755 - $1,000
    We are flying into Lisbon, Portugal. Flight prices will obviously vary depending on where you are coming from. I’m purchasing a flight as soon as possible to keep the cost down. I have one saved right now for $755.00

    AirBnB Details - $190.00 per person
    Getting two AirBnB’s in town close to the beaches and cliffs will cost $2,672 ($190 per person).
    Coastal AirBnB - Sleeps 7 - $1,035 for 9 Nights
    Carvoeiro Townhouse - Sleeps 7 - $1,637 for 9 Nights

    Food/Drink Costs - $300.00 for 10 days

    Boat Details - $204.00 per person
    3 Days with 2 boats will cost $2,858.06. This works out to be $204.00 per person. This includes a Wakeboard for each boat and gas.
    Boat Rental

    Van Details - $300 per person
    10 days with 2 vans will cost $3,100. This works out to be around $300 per person including gas.
    Van Rental
    Option Day- $45-$200 per person depending
    Tips - $100 per person
    Total - $1,894.00 - $2,294

    Day 1 Thursday August 15th

    JFK to Lisbon

    Van Rental in Lisbon

    Drive to Algar Seco to meet Sebastian Kock

    Check into AirBnB

    Go to check out the cliffs at Carvoeiro Beach for sunset. Have some wine ;)

    Day 2 Friday August 16th

    Algar Seco
    Send Algar Seco for the day. Staying close to home base after the travel day.
    Algar Seco (meaning ‘dry cavern’ or ‘sinkhole’). It is a stunning rock formation 1 km east of the town centre. There are steps leading to rocks which consist of grottoes and blowholes. It is popular with snorkelers. At dusk the colours of the rocks change as the sun sets. To see all these cliffs click here.. Algar Seco Cliff Jumping Video

    Day 3 Saturday August 17th *Boat Day
    We will be renting boats in the Portimao Inlet giving us direct access to an incredible amount of cliffs. Our first stop in the boats will be Farol De Alfanzina.
    Farol De Alfanzina

    And our second stop will be Praia Do Carvalho

    Day 4 Sunday August 18th *Boat Day
    Renting boats in the AM and then headed to Ponta Da Piedade. Ponta da Piedade (Portuguese for "Piety's Point") is a group of rock formations along the coastline of the town of Lagos, in the Portuguese region of the Algarve. Consisting of yellow-golden clifflike rocks up to 20 meters high, they are one of the most famous tourist attractions of Portugal. Several grottos in Ponta da Piedade can be visited by boat. The beaches of Ponta da Piedade are a hidden treasure in the middle of the Algarve Eden. Furthermore, it is full of giant caves, unknown bays and quiet beaches. Here the old fishermen gave a name to these great cliffs. General De Gaulle, Chaminé (Chimney), Catedral (Cathedral), Submarino (Submarine) or Gruta dos Amores (Cave of Love), are some of the deformed rocks that you will send.

    Day 5 Monday August 19th *Boat Day
    Renting boats in the am and the headed to Praia De Marinha

    And Albufeira

    Day 6 Tuesday August 20th
    Pego Do Inferno Waterfall
    Now known as Pego do Inferno (Hell's Pool/Pit Of Hell) due to a popular local legend about the site and a carriage that fell into the lake that was never found. It was said that anyone who fell into it would go straight to hell.
    The legend also says that the bodies of the occupants of the cart and the animals were never found and that divers were not able to find the bottom of the lake.
    Great video of jump spots! This place looks sick!!

    We will hit Quinta Bridge on the way back to Algar Seco. Sunset jumping.

    Day 7 Wednesday August 21st
    Cabo S. Vicente
    This is the West Coast of Portugal. We will be sending into part of the Atlantic Ocean and part of the Mediterranean Sea.
    Cabo S. Vicente Drone Footage

    We are going back to Ponta De Piedade on the way back to Algarve!

    Day 8 August 22nd.
    Option Day

    The 8th day we will be picking some activities to do. I came up with a bunch of options. Everyone can do whatever they want. We will have access to the vans or we could just Uber if we seperate. I’ll drive everyone around in the AM to the different places.

    -Buggy - $86
    -3hr trip
    -Big Game Fishing - $80
    -6hr. Charter
    -Morning Sailboat Expedition - $45
    -Depart 9:45 am - Dock 12:45 pm.
    -Scooters - $45
    -Hover Track Racing - $68
    -Surfing - $50
    - 9:30am - 4:30pm (includes wetsuit, board, transportation, light lunch)
    -Sky Diving - $200
    -15,000 FT over all the cliff jump spots!

    Day 10 August 24th.
    Check-out of AirBnB’s by 10am
    Return Vans
    Lisbon to JFK
    Back To America✈️✈️✈️

    **I will be taking a course to get a boating license in New Jersey. It’ll carry over for when we are here. Does anyone have a boating license and is willing to drive the second boat? We may know local friends who are going to help us with this but I’m covering all angles. ;)
    **I will be picking up one of the vans and someone else will have to pick up the other one. I’m talking putting your insurance down and renting in your name and such. Once we buy flights we will have to figure out who this is going to be.
    **There’s a $500 cash deposit for the boats while we have them. This will be split among the group and we will all get that money back when we return the boats.
    **We do know some locals here that are going to be semi guiding us around. Nightlife, and access to a locals version of Portugal. Sebastian will be trying to set up some fun shoots with locals and knows everything there is to know about Algarve.

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