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Hello Community - NEW MEMBER HERE - from Switzerland

micelodeonmicelodeon Posts: 2Member
edited December 2016

My name is micelodeon, Im 34 years old and from Switzerland Europe.

Really happy I found this forum. Even though there are mainly American here, I dont care. At least a place where I can share my passion. And who knows, maybe meet up one day in the States or you guys coming to Europe.

The passion for cliff-jumping came at an early age. Back then we just did it and were filming literally nothing. Then my best buddy had a bad accident while cliff-jumping on the Island of Mallorca in Spain. There are huge cliffs. He didnt come into the water in a good position (not having his legs together). He totally exloded his hip bone and ripped his intestine. He ended up 4 months in the hospital and almost died 3 times during his stay at the hospital. It was a huge shock for all uf us and the cliff jumping came a bit to a stop. Luckily he was ultra strong and almost totally recovered.

Then about 5 years ago we started to go Canyoneering. It became a HUGE passion in our life and next to it we picked up on cliff jumping again. We also love to combine the two. Now we are practicing really hard on new tricks. So we can take our videos to the next level in Summer Season 2017.

We are just addicted to the feeling of adrenaline. We do all kind of adventures and I try to save our memories in videos I create. Of course I love Snowboarding here in the swiss alps - canyoneering - cliff jumping - all outdoor stuff - wakeboarding - hiking - climbing - fishing - skydiving etc.

I hope to make new friends here and exchange our passion. If you want feel free to check out my youtube channel on:

Im sorry if my english is not the best but Im trying that you will understand ;-)

All the best

Greets from Switzerland



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