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How to overcome 2nd thoughts and just send it?

of_martinezof_martinez Posts: 1Member

I’m currently 17 and love adventure and adrenaline, although I always have wanted to do gainers and matrix’s but I’ve been too scared to execute them. Please help a brother out with his own conscious and just full send.


  • TallBoyTallBoy Posts: 4Member


    Haha, we have all been there.
    Overcoming my first gainer was insanely scary. It should be, it's not a natural feeling.

    First two attempts ended with flops from like 20 feet, they both hurt.
    I went to a trampoline park after those attempts and learned to commit to the tuck.

    What I really learned was to fully commit.
    I knew I could jump out, I knew I could tuck, and I thought I would be able to see the water as I came around.
    It was a matter of commitment.
    I learned at the tramp place to fully commit and I concentrated on my tuck. I knew if i could jump and get into tuck I would make it.

    So my advice about the gainer is to fully commit to the first set, which is the tuck. Everything else will just happen, just stomp that tuck.

    Full Commitment = Full Send

    PS: You have to be willing to flop at least one. If you have the mind set that you are confident in your abilities and are going to fully commit to the trick- plus you are willing to except a flop- it will generally work out well for you.
    Also...If you do flop, you have to understand it's a learning experience. You need to get up and go send it again. The first jump should have given you a good judge of the height and what you did wrong. (Always record so you can review and see you mistakes).

    Good luck and let me know how it turns out. Are you still jumping this time of year? Where are you from?

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