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is it summer yet

hydroGirlhydroGirl Posts: 3Member

Wow! It's nice out today! Anyone out jumping yet?


  • SpreadSpread Posts: 18Moderator

    @hydroGirl We went today! Water was amazeballs. There were like a dozen other people there too. I hucked a massive backflop like a boss.

  • GuyPhallenGuyPhallen Posts: 34Admin

    Today and yesterday! We have really been enjoying this amazing weather. What about you?
    Also, welcome to the forum @hydroGirl !

  • hydroGirlhydroGirl Posts: 3Member

    Not today though! Too cold. What a tease!

  • Smurphy120Smurphy120 Posts: 3Member

    Anyone in SoCal we're going with a squad for a full day of cliff jumping to a couple spots in Malibu on Wednesday the 16th. These spots have jumps ranging from 10 to 90 footers in deep water so let me know if you're interested. Drones and GoPros will be there so expect to be filmed!

  • SoppingWetSoppingWet Posts: 16Member
    edited March 2016

    Wish I lived I Cali. Haha @Smurphy120. Weather is just getting warm enough to jump here. Planning a trip to WV in a few weeks. The Big Swings app has some spots I have to check out.

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