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Scariest cliff diving moments, ready go?

TravelingTravTravelingTrav Posts: 4Member

Cliff diving is a sport that revolves around fear and overcoming it!
I'll start with a story of my good friend John who accompanied me on a trip to the Colorado river! It was late November of this year, and The spot we dove from was a majestic, picturesque pillar shaped rock that was free standing right next to the Colorado River seperate from the other cliffs! The Rock was only 35 maybe 40 feet but barely had room on the tip top for even one person to stand! Being the half crazy, slightly stupid bunch we are, we decided we had to get up there!
We aren't professional rock climbers but we had some rope and a home-made rope ladder that John made out of heavy duty thin rope and wooden dowels! We tied the rope to a tree on the ridge behind our rock, and draped it over the top of the Rock and tied it to the rope ladder which hung over the front face of the rock! John decided I should be the first to try it out... Haha so I hastily accepted, and stepped one foot on the rope ladder! As soon as I stepped on the rope ladder stretched a good three feet. The climb was inverted so every step on the ladder stretched the ladder more and swung me back and fourth against the rock! The climb up to the 35 foot perch took me a good two minutes and I was completely exhausted with no forearm strength left, from holding on to dear life for two minutes. I then rested for a minute and took a leap into the breathtaking and chilling Colorado River with one of the most amazing views I've ever had! Now that's what cliff diving is all about!


  • SoppingWetSoppingWet Posts: 16Member

    Great story! @TravelingTrav
    I am kind of a noob at Cliff Jumping. Just jumping 20 feet is scary for me.
    I did watch a guy jump about 60 feet and land on his back, that was the scariest thing I've ever witness while I was at a spot.

  • AdventuremanDanAdventuremanDan Posts: 5Pro Cliff Jumper

    Tough question for sure! I think theres two types of fear, the one holding you back as you prepare to jump, and then the terror you can experience if you get lost in a dive.

    I think one of the scariest moments for me cliff diving was doing a backflip into the 'hole' at South point. Easy enough dive, I basically just did a backfill, but the walls were about a foot away from all sides of me, and just seeing rock as I flipped around close to my face almost made me not know what to do mid air. In the end, everything was fine, I think mainly because I just trusted muscle memory and let the dive happen.

    The other one that sticks out in my mind was the first time I tried to do a double half off a cliff. I had literally done 100s from a 3m spring board, and a few from 7m tower, but standing at the top of a 10m cliff was a completely different feeling. I remember Genevieve making fun of me standing there (probably for at least a good 45min) before I finally did it. Once I was moving it was no problem, but I stood up, and backed away so many times!

  • TravelingTravTravelingTrav Posts: 4Member

    Oh yeah dude doing a new dive you've never done on a cliff is scary stuff! I'm especially scared if I don't know the exact height! If I know the exact height of the cliff I'm good to go! The 90 footer i just did was easily the scariest thing I've ever done by far but it was literally the only way down because the climb up wasn't one you could climb back down haha

  • GennaBelieveGennaBelieve Posts: 2Pro Cliff Jumper

    Hah @AdventuremanDan to this day I don't know how I survived that twister into the hole at south point. Do you guys ever look back on something you did and think, "what the hell was I thinking?!"

  • TravelingTravTravelingTrav Posts: 4Member

    Hahaha @GennaBelieve yes I think that all the time!! I had a couple gnarly flops a couple weekends ago trying to throw too much with not enough room to do it. When I watched the video I felt so stupid haha definitley still have traces of those bruises now! Also when my friends bring the mini tramp, things tend to get a bit out of hand lol

  • GuyPhallenGuyPhallen Posts: 34Admin

    First attempt at a double Backflip, WildCat Point, PA. 32', Bailed after the first flip and landed on my back.
    The moment I realized I was in trouble was a fear I hadn't felt before.
    I had just bailed out after the first flip, I saw my relation to the water and knew it was going to end badly. It was deep, fast, opaque water and I knew if I sunk rescue would not be easy.
    The mistakes ran through my mind as I slapped the water.
    All I saw was black, and I suddenly had the taste of metal in my mouth. I reached for the surface knowing help was on the way, I always jump with a trusted friend, in this case my bother.
    Reaching the surface of the water was no hard task, I had only made it about 4 inches down due to landed totally flat.
    With some help I made it out of the water so all my friends could watch my back turn into a plum.
    I learned a few things from this. When attempting new tricks, don't do it in bottomless, fast moving water.
    Start learning new tricks as low as you can.
    Always have a spotter or two.

  • hydroGirlhydroGirl Posts: 3Member

    I love being around water, and if the water is just the right temperature...I can imagine heaven to be of similar capacity. Jumping off of a cliff is a different story for me. When I'm standing looking over the ledge of a cliff or other height, my whole body screams and aches to not attempt this stunt. My brain hurts from the pressure of my will trying to overcome my logical thinking.
    My first time took me a good 45 minutes. I knew the longer I waited, the worse it would be. I observed others jumping and got my jump plan down in my head, and then I went for it. I just said to myself, "Go!" and I did. I remember feeling disbelief, followed by a slow-motion feeling, mixed with a flash of an instant. The water hugged me like a glove, and made me feel weightless after the exhilarating plummet. I burst to the top in triumph. Gives me goosebumps just thinkin' about.

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