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July 28, 2016

WHDF Championship Winner!

Genevieve Bradley continues to make big wins! Now placing first in the 2016 WHDF Championship! This comes right after taking first place in the Riders Club Punta Fuego High Dive Competition. She stands as being among the best when it comes to women’s diving. Congratulations Genevieve on this high honor. We can’t wait to see what you do next!

Thanks to the World High Diving Federation for holding these amazing events every year. They are an incredible organization, if you haven’t checked them out, do so.

Diving from beautiful cliff sides in Ponte Brolla Ticino, Switzerland. In a group of amazing divers, Genevieve took first place with these dives…

Inward Branny (5421)

Front Double With Half Twist (5143)

Front Triple Half (5161)

Back Flip Layout (202A)

Check out some of her dives here…

Genevieve is amazing on the platform, cliffs, and as a person. She takes part in environmental projects and has dedicated her life to and sport of diving. Big Swings sponsored Genevieve in 2016 for her incredibly unique style and personality.

Big Swings Founder Marc Kelly says, “Yes, we believe Genevieve is a very special athlete. She practices hard to hone her skills and we are constantly impressed with her consistent improvement. She is an inspiration for young females everywhere who want to chase their dreams. Genevieve’s work ethic is solid and we couldn’t be happier with her as an athlete or as a person. She also has been a great asset in our Adopt-A-Spot environmental awareness program.”   You can read more about Genevieve and how she got involved with cliff diving and all about her rad lifestyle on the Big Swings website in her Bio. here.. Big Swings Athlete Bios

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